Kill West (fuzz-psych, Argentina)

Mié., 28 de Junio de 2017

Comienzo: 21:00 h.


Precio taquilla: 10 €

Kill West is a 5-piece rock outfit hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Formed in bandleader Franco Beceiro’s garage in late 2012, the band consists of Beceiro on vocals and guitar, Joel Menazzi on bass, Martin Valentini on guitar, and brothers Nicolas and Mario Miele on drums and keys. Kill West\'s debut album with Echo Drug entitled \'Smoke Beach\' is rock n\' roll perfection - shoegazey vocals hovering above thick, fuzzed-out, droning guitars immersed in waves of psychedelia. A must have for fans of early Verve and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

"Kill West drives right into the black hole of reverb, thick guitars, wah-wah pedals and draggy tempos that you might associate with 30 years ago, the time of the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine." - The New York Times "The demand is warranted. Heavy Psych doesn\'t get much better than this." - Consequence Of Sound

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