Zebra Hunt (indie pop, USA)

Lun., 3 de Julio de 2017

Concierto: 21:00 h.


Precio taquilla: 10 €

2015 was a busy year for Seattle’s Zebra Hunt. Drummer Mitch Leffler, bassist Erik Bennett and singer/guitarist Robert Mercer released their debut album, “City Sighs”, on Tenorio Cotobade and supported it with shows in the US Pacific Northwest. Its mixture of the chiming pop legacy of the 80s Flying Nun catalogue and the crystal-like beauty of the Paisley Underground scene was praised worldwide and the album would be included in several Best of 2015 lists.  In June of that year, Zebra Hunt travelled to Spain for a whole week of brilliant shows which gained them many new Spanish fans. That tour also brought the addition of Aaron Sheedy to the line-up as guitarist and keyboard player. Apart from presenting their debut album, the shows served to write and test new material while the band got used to their new dynamic.  The four-piece went into the studio in 2016 to record their new album, “In Phrases”, with legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino, renowned for his work with Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Screaming Trees and many others. Mikey Young (Eddy Current Supression Ring, Total Control), who has worked on several of the band’s favourite records of recent years, has mastered the twelve new tracks.  Marrying the energy and dynamism of their live shows with pop songs that sparkle and shine, on their second album Zebra Hunt have delivered a collection of twelve tunes with melodic and lyrical confidence. Whether in gentle, minor-key mode on ‘Lonely Summer’ or firing on all cylinders on the insistent and propulsive ‘What I Want’ and Farfisa-fuelled ‘Follow’, the band thrums as much as it jangles, pulsing rhythms anchoring and framing guitars slowly unspooling silvery lines or attacking with a frantic strum. Setting scenes with a knack for lyrical evocation of times and places long gone, Zebra Hunt will leave you alternately sighing and swinging to the beat.

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